Art Quilts

I specialize in art quilts for businesses and homes. A colorful tactile quilt in an office lobby is an excellent way to welcome customers and a quilt in your home is a comforting piece of art.

Special Occasion Quilts

I enjoy making quilts for new babies, weddings, family reunions and any other special occasion in your life. I strive to create unusual one of kind and personalized quilt art for each client.


I teach hand piecing and English paper piecing. These types of quilting are of the “slow quilting” technique that is calming and allows you to create something beautiful in your spare time.

Business Workshops/Team Building

Having employees and volunteers create their own piece of quilt art is a fun and valuable way to connect to each other and their business. The bonus is at the end of the event, the organization has its own piece of art to hang where everyone can enjoy it and remember the team building lessons and experiences.

Bowls, Baskets, Coasters and Placemats

I make unique items from fabric covered cotton clothesline. I will work with you to select the style and color of whatever art piece you would like.

Notecards and Patterns

I have hand piecing patterns available for making small or large quilts. A package of 4 quilt themed notecards make a nice gift and is a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family.

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