Quilting with Passion,

I am an artist, wife, mother, daughter, aunt, graneva/grammy, friend and an old soul. I love to cut up fabric and sew it back together again. I live for color, texture and the emotions they provide us. Making quilts, bowls, baskets, bronze castings and all manners of other items gives me an outlet to share my passion with those around me.

She was not just passing time or doing a bit of show-off needlework, she was making a statement about herself.
— Beth Gutcheon

Services & Skillset

Educational and creative specialties.

Creative Services

  • Art Quilts
  • Special Occasion Quilts
  • Notecards and Patterns
  • Bowls, Baskets, Coasters, and Placemats

Instructional Services

  • Teaching
  • Business Workshops
  • Team Building

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