Quilting & Colors!

Video Lessons for Kids

Hi there! I’m Mrs. Carroll and I’m here to teach you about art, color, quilting, and shapes! I want to show you how mixing and matching colors can help us feel good and happy. Join me and take a journey through this 6-part series as show you how you can use colors to create art projects, including painting, drawing, and even quilting!

Lesson 01

Lesson 02

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Lesson 06

Hand Piecing

Are you looking for a way to make quilts on the go? Hand Piecing is a peaceful way to sew while traveling, sitting in waiting rooms or at kids games. I developed my “one pin” piecing technique that makes it simple to create beautiful quilts and works of art. Here’s an example of what I pieced while away from my sewing machine.

Magnum Opus was pieced by making the individual blocks over time. It was fun to create each block as its own mini quilt, easily using simple tools carried in a baggie. Plus, it feels good to be doing something other than reading year old magazines in waiting rooms!

66″ x 84″

If you’d like to learn my simple “one pin” method why don’t you schedule a class? You will learn fussy cutting techniques as well as creating and using templates. During class, you will make a 12 ½” pentagon perfect for a table topper or mug rug. Make additional pentagons to create a larger quilt.

32″ x 32″